Standard Rates

Tru Form Chiropractic operates on a cash basis. This means that health insurance has been removed from the equation to allow every single person - regardless of profession, age, or income - access to great chiropractic care and improved health! The goal of our fee system is to promote regular, life-long care that will help you to both achieve and maintain your maximum level of wellness.

There are no deductibles to meet, no co-pays, and no visit limitations placed on your care in our office. Decisions regarding your health are not being controlled by a third-party insurance company. Instead, you and your doctor will work together to make the best choices for your wellbeing. Because every individual is different, Tru Form Chiropractic has a variety of payment options to choose from. We offer cost-effective solutions that promote routine care, and a pay per visit option that comes with no commitments. Select what works best for you!

$69 - Initial Visit

This visit is for new patients or patients who have gone a year or longer without care (reactivated patients). The initial visit lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ramsey, an exam, and an adjustment.

$45 - Standard Office Visit

A typical office visit lasts approximately 15-25 minutes. This visit includes an adjustment, any pertinent muscle work, extremity adjusting, associated home exercises, and lifestyle advice.

Tru Form Chiropractic accepts cash, check, and credit/debit cards.

Adjustment Packages

$209 - 6 Visits

This bundle of visits saves you more than 20% off the standard office visit price. You pay less than $35 per adjustment!

$359 - 12 Visits

You save more than 30% off the standard office visit price using this package. Each visit is less than $30!

These visits can be shared with a spouse, child, etc. They DO NOT EXPIRE! All adjustment packages are paid for upfront and may be used over time at the discretion of the patient.

Monthly Memberships

Individual - $189 per month

This membership is for new or reactivated patients in their first month of care. It covers up to 10 visits at less than $19 per visit! This is a great option for those who are getting adjusted multiple times a week to really jumpstart their chiropractic care and initiate the healing process.

Individual - $109 per month

Designed to benefit those individuals committed to weekly checkups, this option is only available to established patients. This membership covers up to 4 visits with each being about $27.

Couples - $159 per month

A great option for 2 people looking to get adjusted on a weekly basis. This membership covers up to 8 visits. The cost of each visit is less than $20!

Families - $199 per month

Covering care for the entire family, this plan is for 3 or more people receiving weekly adjustments. This membership includes up to 12 visits with each one costing less than $17!

Additional visits can be purchased for only $29 per visit during the monthly membership period!

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